Saturday, March 19, 2022

The Kashmir Files

About fifteen years ago, one of my friends from Varanasi who has now become the face of “Qtiyapa” was talking to someone about this crime. He described the event as horrendous where every Kashmiri Pandit women were raped along with mass killing and exodus of Kashmiri Pandits. May be his description was exaggerated, but it was evident that something big had happened there. He has never attended RSS shakha. Even in RSS shakha, this was not the topic of discussion, yet it was discussed about the work of RSS among the common man in remote parts of Kashmir amid threat of life. This movie has become now centre for talk for everyone. There are many who are sponsoring for others so that maximum people may get chance to watch the movie in theatre. I also watched the movie. The movie was revolving around violence, religion, politics, state machinery and the pathetic condition of Kashmiris. But there are two three things which was very appealing for me, though I always believe that unity of community is essential for safety of future generation when you are living with aggressive groups in your neighbourhood. Amid these situations, it was stressed that study is important. Even the child was full of fear, he was encouraged to attend the class and learn things. In college, violence is justified, but this movie also tells that the path of violence is not acceptable. In college, one should focus on study and think how to bring peace keeping the interest if nation ahead.

Sunday, December 12, 2021


Children as well as the child inside us always chortled on the sound of bursting crackers during Diwali or on some other occasions like marriage, or winning for Indian teams or for some Indians on the winning of Pakistan and defeat of Indian teams when they are playing against each other. What was their response when India is defeating countries other than Pakistan is invisible as no one notices those behaviours. Will such group of people enjoy and chortled by bursting crackers when India would become world champion without defeating Pakistan. Constitutionally, you are free to enjoy winning of team of any Country. It also seems the development of healthy attitude. Is it acceptable that one should enjoy the winning of a country which is taken as adversary of India. One have to mend their way for the sake of unity of society as well as unity of feelings. If we should think out of box, should we not burst crackers when India is achieving some milestone in science, mathematics, medicines etc. Leaders at all level should think about this way and just come out of syndrome of cricket matches which is converting into sentimental war. Behaviour of people on some occasion like death of soldiers can not be a matter of rejoice for any group as they are just dying for nation sake. In such situation, the deviant behaviour must be dealt with iron and fist.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021


Max Web series Ashram is a big star serial directed by famous director Prakash Jha has become the center of uproar once again. What is the purpose of this serial? Is it for awareness for the society to be aware of fraud Baba? Or this is just a Masala serial marketing by arousing sensation among its viewer. What are the take aways from this serial? While people are watching, a human is just have feeling of hedonism and simultaneously they are developing very distorted picture of Baba. There are exeptions everywhere and the same may be communicated in media to become aware rather than seeding a deep negative senses among the educated classes. There are many great writers who tried to comment and explore the experiment on sex by Gandhiji. While exploring this aspect, they all are trying to read out in between lines that Gandhiji might have failed. Gandhiji was not hiding anything. He did everything without any restrictions. Secondly, what were the result? Many of his followers maintained celibacy throughout of their life. If Gandhiji was not innocent, people would not have followed the path of celibacy. A common man cannot be allowed to execute such experiments. One has to achieve a level before undergoing such experiment. Patriarchal socociety rejected Abha Didi after the death of Gandhiji and so she became a little bit disturbed. But Prabha Di accompanied the great leader of the time Jaya Prakash Narayana and yet maintained celibacy throughout her life. She executed many social work throughout her life. Hindus are blaming cinema that why only Hindus saints are made the character in movies and serials and why not others. Amir Khan Movie PK, almost all were covered, though main focus is on Hindu saints only. So, such sensitive movie/serial should be made in secular way and not as anti-religious way.

Friday, June 4, 2021


What is the way ahead? Some anecdotes: Anda loot in schools: During our JNV days, loot of food items by some powerful seniors was normal phenomena. After some years, I also used to be the part of underlying discussion of loot of food items specially eggs. Initially I used to implore them not to do that, but failing that I also used to loot eggs as much as possible and used to distribute those eggs among our junior colleagues. Once a senior, who was considered don of my school,gave a galon of kerosene oil to hide as he didn't want to distribute among hostelites. After a few days he asked me to give back the oil, I just gave him a smile and told I had already distributed those oils among hostelites. Somehow he used to bear my such actions. It is hard realities that favouritism is mostly related to caste affiliation which is being taken as immediate responsibility without having any prior connection. Because of this, the member of castes at lower strata of Indian demography are losing most because of this favouritism. It is irony that these people also emphatically advocates for so called meritocracy. There are rush of poor and needy people in all castes, but only a few castes in India are privileged to have powerful people sitting on power chairs of all institutions in India.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Medical Camps by Sewa Kunj Ashram during Covid Period

Sewa Samaprpan Sansthan has planned to organize medical camps in all villages of Sonebhadra district through Sewa Kunj Ashram, Chapki as its nodal centre. Details you may see here:

At the time medical camps on daily basis are organized at different villages. Bhabhani, Kachnarawa and Nagvan blocks are being covered these days. Bhabhani is being coordinated by doctors from local hospitals. Ashram Chikitsa Pramuk Dr. Suman Lal is heading Kachanarvan block and Nagvan block is being taken care by doctors from Varanasi. 

Villagers are avoiding any medical camps etc organized by government with the fear of getting vaccinated. They are also not taking Corona disease seriously. At one hand they are unable to reach Robertsganj Covid Centre and on the other hand they have apprehensions towards Covid and vaccination. But as they are recognizing Ashram team, they come and take medicines. Meanwhile, the team make them aware about the disease and removes apprehensions towards vaccination.

As it might cost to take patients to Robrtsganj about Rs 50000 through private means due to this situation, Ashram is in process of developing Isolation Center at Ashram. District CMO has promised to extend help by sending doctors once or twice a week. Serious patients will be taken to Robertsganj by Ashram ambulances also. 

Come forward and donate. You may please donate directly to bank account. 

Bank account detail for Donation:
Account Detail
Sewa Samarpan Sansthan
Account Number: 010703990890
Branch Code: 1622
State Bank of India, Renukut, Sonbhadra, UP.
Note: You will get tax rebate on donation.

Address for sending cheque:
Sewa Kunj Ashram, Chapki
Babhni, Sonebhadra
Uttar Pradesh
Contact Detail
Anandji 9415678112

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Budget and NGO Sector

Experts commenting on the budget each year use words like ‘pro-corporate’, ‘urban centric’, ‘pro-farmer’ or ‘rural focussed’ based on the allocations made or their own preferences.  Some of the other common expressions that have been used to describe the union budget are words like ‘middle-class friendly’, ‘social sector inclined’,  ‘taxation heavy’, and ‘election year budget’. In a year that is still seeing COVID ravaging the world, one can expect now to see a ‘COVID response’ in the budget. Whether it is increased spending on health care and vaccines, or stimulating the failing economy – the budget is expected to reflect the concerns of the government in managing both the COVID pandemic and its social & economic fallout.   Another possibility is the political need to reflect the concerns of the protesting farmers while keeping in mind the need for additional defence spending considering the growing Chinese threat.

From this perspective, one also hopes that the Prime Minister’s oft repeated vision of making India self-reliant (Atmanirbhar), enabling a $5 trillion economy and making India a scientific superpower are also kept in mind.  Programs like Ayushman Bharat, UDAN, Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA), Atal Innovation Mission and ‘Make in India’ are just beginning to show encouraging response and need continued support.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Prayas, Ek Nayi Shuruat

People who are associated with employee associations and unions are hot blooded creatures in general. Specially leaders are always in talks and they kept sharing agendas. Whenever they are finding someone acting as his opponent, they start attacking on him bringing even his personal matters. In general, I maintain good relations with all, as I have my own agenda of asking for contributions for some cause. But, I also maintain to speak right things whenever I have to take some stand. Leader of association kept meeting with me and kept sharing lots of things as he knew that I had good hold on my batch-mates and many employees due to my social involvement. Once he started attacking a new employee, who seemed very emphatic and emerged as leader for new employees. Meanwhile he brought his wife who was running the organization were not good as they kept meeting some senior officials who were not in good light. He criticized his social activities. At that time, I immediately opposed him and countered, please do not attack anyone who was involved in social activities. Anyone who are involved in social activities are part of social community and it is my moral ground to defend them till I get enough evidence against them. Many people used to attack Dayanand Mishraji, that he used to personally benefit because of social work. I used to defend them that if you were sure that he was getting personal benefits, then as social activities were open place, you should have involved in that and would have availed benefit.

Anyway Prayas, ek nayi shuruat had caused some harm to me. Under the leadership of training center head, we organized entrepreneurship program for housewives so that they might get some job to use their talents. Meanwhile, these ladies were also made to get associated with some faculty to seek job. Not moving much ahead in that line, they suddenly entered in social activities in very natural ways. There were really adventurous. Anyway they gave presentation to some senior authorities and on their suggestions they started Prayas, ek nayi shuruat. They were unaware of cunningness of some senior officials, who wanted to discredit me from my activities of Prayas. Anyway in locality my name expended as many people started calling me that they had extended help to my Prayas Team for social activities like giving carpet, chairs etc.

Anyway I sensed the cunningness and hence thought of renaming my group activities. After many days of deliberation, we zeroed at NDRS. But that name caused problem to some authorities and hence I again started looking for some friendly name. While teaching children about Vivekananda and his Ramakrishna Mission, I zeroed on Navodaya Mission.